Struggles and Victories of a Small Town Girl

We The Kingdom

I’ve shared videos of We The Kingdom on here a couple of times and this one was way too good not to share. It’s a live concert recorded on a cell phone but they still look and sound amazing! I’ve watched it from beginning to end, over and over, it is that good! This isContinue reading “We The Kingdom”

Raised to Life

I am a little obsessed with my children, but aren’t all mothers? I love how they are so warm and cuddly and do not want me to leave their side when I tuck them in at night, they hug me tight and do not want me to let them go. I love their sweet angelicContinue reading “Raised to Life”

Wisdom for Mothers

I started something that God has laid on my heart and I am so excited about! I started a bible study out of my home for my mothers and I. God has put two amazing, faithful, prayer warrior women in my life, who are my mother and my mother-in-law. They have each been married overContinue reading “Wisdom for Mothers”

Power of Prayer

Let me start by telling you that my family has made it through quarantine alive and well! My daughter’s symptoms of Covid slowly vanished and me and the rest of my family have shown no symptoms and have all tested negative. That is the power of prayer! God is so good! These past couple ofContinue reading “Power of Prayer”

Laced with Grace

I picked up my daughter from school last week and as soon as she got into the car I could see it in her eyes, she didn’t feel well. I took her temperature when she got home and she was running a low fever with a runny nose and a headache. That was enough forContinue reading “Laced with Grace”

Back to School

My anxiety is back with a vengeance this week. It feels like there is a vice grip around my heart with every breath I take. The kid’s summer break has come to an end and they are back in school. I have 2 in middle school this year! I am not sure if the anxietyContinue reading “Back to School”

Watch Your Mouth

“You supersonic, idiotic, heavy-loaded, candy-coded, disconnected, brain effected, bubble-butted airhead!” This is what I yelled at the little girls who called me stupid and ugly from my neighborhood, as my brothers and cousins cheered me on. I was 5 years old. From a very young age I would get a rise out of roasting people.Continue reading “Watch Your Mouth”

The Pink Cloud

Have you ever heard of the pink cloud? It is a phrase that is used to describe feelings of elation and euphoria in early sobriety where everything looks rosy, or the “honeymoon phase,” of sobriety. You can finally see clearly and begin to enjoy a life that is free of drugs and alcohol. I haveContinue reading “The Pink Cloud”

Cry Baby Birthday

This last week was a tough one for me. I turned another year older. I remember when birthdays were something I looked forward to. My mom would throw me the best parties with whatever theme I could dream up. One year it was Barbie themed and my babysitter had a daughter much older than meContinue reading “Cry Baby Birthday”


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